our latest projects

The Ararat Bioenergy project is a transformational bioenergy and Circular Economy project, to be developed and centred in a new industrial park in Ararat, Western Victoria.

In a region known all over the world for its cereal cropping, this project is designed to maximise the effective use of low-grade or excess straw and crop stubble, and potentially other organic waste streams, transforming them into renewable gas, electricity, heat and other valuable co-products such as renewable fertiliser, hydrogen and/or biomethanol.

Located in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray region, the Goulburn Murray Woka Yurringa Energy Project is an agricultural waste to renewable energy project led by bioenergy developer, Valorify, in partnership with Yurringa Energy.

The project’s name, Goulburn Murray Woka Yurringa Energy Project, draws on the local Yorta Yorta language – ‘woka’ means earth and ‘yurringa’ means sun.