On the back of ongoing collaboration with #AraratRuralCity and pre-feasibility assessment activity, PHP today launched an ambitious campaign to seek suppliers of cereal straw, within a ~100km catchment radius of Ararat. An important foundation activity, this ‘call to action’ is an early step in working towards a contracted supply of agricultural waste to support our innovative Valorify facility, a milestone project for western Victoria.

Expressions of Interest

Local farmers and contractors in the district are invited to visit www.grampiansgas.com.au to register their interest in becoming a supplier. Once we know more about the volume of straw and stubble we are able to aggregate, we can then look to secure these resources under Option, and to better refine the scale and viability of the proposed bioenergy facility. It’s a kind of “chicken-egg” conundrum, so today is the day we decided to get out there, to try a different kind of approach!